2018 C.S.V.F.D Sportsman Bash

Sunday March 4th, 2018

Noon to 5pm


Contact Information:

Castle Shannon V.F.D.

3600 Library Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15234-2231

Non-Emergency Phone:

(412) 884-7913


(412) 884-7565







2018 C.S.V.F.D Sportsman Bash

Sunday March 4, 2018

The Fall Sportsman Bash Will be held at the Castle Shannon VFD

Memorial Hall Located at 3600 Library Rd. Castle Shannon, PA 15234

Sunday March 4th, 2018

 Noon to 5pm

Only 1000 tickets sold.

$40.00 per ticket

(online purchase fee of $3.95 per ticket for Pay-Pal selling fees & shipping will be charged) *

ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND THEN CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON BELOW. You will be directed to Pay-Pal. You can change the quanity of tickets needed there. Please follow through with your payment.
* Your ticket stubs will be mailed out to you via USPS First Class with delivery confirmation. The added fees are for the convience of using modern technology. If you want to avoid these fees, you can stop in to the office to purchase your tickets using cash or check. ALL on-line orders are subject to fees! Phone orders are subject to shipping charges as well!

Phone Number:

All ticket numbers are randomly selected when issued.

You may NOT request specific numbers.


Doors open at 11:30AM

Food & Drinks provided from noon-4:00PM

Tickets are $40 each


Limited number of tickets: 1,000


for info call 412-884-7913


NO general admission tickets available for this event.

Must be 21 to enter the event


Cash options on the guns are only available while the Bash is in operation. After the bash is over you can take the gun or store credit at Anthony Arms. Rifles are available in different calibers Winners need not be present. Substitution of a prize may occur without notice.  If a Background check is denied a Gift card will be substituted at the cash value set by the CSVFD.

All Federal, State, & Local gun laws apply

License# 18302.

Proceeds benefit the C.S.V.F.D.

Prizes to be drawn

 Drawing Time Description CASH OPTION
12:00 PM SW MP 2.0 9mm FDE or $500
12:10 PM Ruger Blackhawk Stainless .357 Hardwood or $500
12:20 PM $250.00 Cash ---------
12:30 PM CZ Redhead Premier Target O/U 12ga 30" or $500
12:40 PM $250.00 Cash --------
12:50 PM Remington 783 with scope .243 or $500
1:00 PM $250.00 Cash --------
1:10 PM Beretta 92 FS 9mm or $500
1:20 PM $250.00 --------
1:30 PM Henry 410 Level Action Shotgun or $500
1:40 PM Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced or $500
1:50 PM Tarus Tracker 44mag Revolver or $500
2:00 PM Glock 19 Gen 5 or $500
2:10 PM $250.00 --------
2:20 PM Mossberg Shockwave or $500
2:30 PM Remington V3 Field Sport 12ga Shotgun or $500
2:40 PM Henry Big Boy Silver Level Action 44 mag or $500
2:50 PM Ruger Sr9 Stainless or $500
3:00 PM Colt LE6920 Trooper AR1.56 & Colt 1911 Government 45 or $500
3:10 PM $250.00 Cash --------
3:20 PM Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite 9mm or $500
3:30 PM HK VP9 9mm or $500
3:40 PM Savage Axis XP Camo with Scope .243 or $500
3:50 PM Ruger SP101 Stainless .357 or $500
4:00 PM Rugar American All Weather 30-06 rifle or $500
4:10 PM $250.00 Cash --------
4:20 PM CZ P-07 9mm or $500
4:30 PM SW MP Shield 2.0 pm with Laser or $500
4:40 PM SW MP40 2.0 or $500
4:50 PM Beretta ARX100 5.56 Rifle & 240 rounds of 5.56 Ammo or $500
5:00 PM Final Cash Prize $3,000.00 _____