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Dedicated to Life and Property

Celebrating100 Years of Service

1922 - 2022



Since 1922, The Castle Shannon V.F.D has provided the Castle Shannon Borough with fire protection service.

In 1993, the Castle Shannon V.F.D. merged with Baldwin Township's Rolling Hills V.F.D. and now provides fire protection to both neighboring communities.

Our fire department is 100 % volunteer and depends on the support of the residents and businesses of Baldwin Township and the Borough of Castle Shannon through donations and fundraisers along with local government financial funding support to continue providing this vital service.


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The Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department is a professional volunteer organization unified in creating a safe and secure community for the families, neighbors and businesses.


The Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department is committed to preventing the loss of life and property through rescue, fire suppression, training and public education.
It is our mission to:
* Provide a safe, rapid and effective response.
* Deliver the highest quality of trained, skilled and caring professionals o maintain the latest in vehicles, equipment and firefighting techniques.
* Promote fire prevention and safety through outreach and educational programming.
* Proactively reduce the risks from fire through application and enforcement of Fire Codes and Investigation.
We are deeply committed to these goals while ensuring the financial security and stability of the organization for generations to come.


Service The preservation of life, property and the environment is our number one goal, with our focus on comprehensive delivery of public safety services regardless of circumstances. Our members are part of a family that values compassionate service, respectful behavior, strong character, diversity, dependability, and integrity. We will be visibly present in our community and are accountable for our actions and our core values in every interaction.
Integrity — The reputation of a firefighter as being trustworthy and someone you can always rely on in any situation is something that all firefighters are responsible to help maintain. We embrace moral character, integrity, and ethical behavior in all our actions and will be guided by fundamental fairness in everything we do.
Honor We strive to deliver a service that is looked upon in high regard. We will hold each other accountable while we actively mentor others and we will celebrate the achievements and successes of those within our ranks, displaying pride in self, organization, and profession.
Empathy -- We place duty before self, actively listen and commit to humanity and dignity as we serve our communities. Showing empathy helps us know how our actions affect others, what actions we need to take to be a good teammate, and it helps us understand more about the citizens we serve. We believe in helping.
Diversity -- We recognize that our success depends upon our members and the support of our community. We will respect each member of our team, our partners, the citizens we serve, and all persons we interact with by recognizing the diversity in each individual and their individual talents, skills, and contributions to our success.